“Dead Ends, Fake Friends” by STAY GLDN

From the UK come the uber-talented guys of STAY GLDN with their latest sonic creation, say hello to “Dead Ends, Fake Friends”. With this refreshing take on pop, they paint a picture that is so personal yet offers the right dose of nostalgia to make it feel universal to us all. There’s something about the way in which they blend melodies and lyrics, that makes the track instantly intoxicating and mesmerizing from start to end. The verses flow one after the other, painting a picture that is so vivid, so raw and so refreshingly human and true. This track is without a doubt an absolute must and a perfect addition to their growing body of work. So listen closely and explore the world they have crafted with such care and honest magic. Enjoy!

“‘Dead Ends Fake Friends’ is a bittersweet track about growing up in a small town with no prospects, not feeling like you belong, yet it still shapes the very person you are today. Even when you have moved away from your hometown those old memories come back to haunt you and affect your ability to build new relationships. The video for this record sees us driving around our hometown in an 80s inspired short film. The track is drenched in deep soundscapes, driving beats, luscious harmonies and catchy melodic hooks.”


Location: United Kingdom

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