“Will You Live” by Kone Mara

From Sweden comes the indie band Kone Mara with their latest sonic creation, say hello to “Will You Live”. With this insightful and honest blend of melodies and lyrics, they explore a wide variety of feelings and emotions that are so human and so true. The track caresses our senses with a bittersweet yet warm touch that invites us to seek for the answers within us and in those we care. The track understands that we are fragile and that at times we search for reasons to embrace our existence in a way that is so relatable and true.

The arrangement houses the voice in a way that is so beautiful and hypnotizing giving life to a reality so theirs and also so ours. So listen closely and dive into the sweet unknown of this fantastic must-listen gem. Enjoy!

“Will You Live’ was written to describe the love for the valuable things, the fear of losing what you hold dear. The song is about doubting your existence, the longing and the unconditional love.” 

Kone Mara

Location: Sweden

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