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“empatía” by Maddie Moon

From Spain comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Maddie Moon with the ethereal sonic creation that is “empatia”. With this sweet and gentle mix of melodies and lyrics, she invites us to explore a world that can only be entered by invitation as her voice opens the door to it. There’s something about this soundscape that understands how to caress us with a warm touch that makes us feel at ease as the picture comes alive from the moment you press play. There’s no denying that something unique and mesmerizing has been crafted by her and it’s so deserving of our full attention.

She has given us all a chance to escape from reality and embrace the magic that lies within this fantastic track with such natural charm that you just can’t help but crave more and more of it. So listen closely and pay attention for she has her hand out ready to pull us into this must-listen gem that she has crafted. Enjoy!

Location: Spain

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