“Subway” by The Urban Tales

From Israel comes the indie rock band The Urban Tales with their latest sonic creation, say hello to “Subway”. With this refreshing soundscape, they embrace the mystery and unique magic that at times can be found when you explore the city you live in. The melodies and lyrics blend so perfectly together and manage to offer a vivid and lush escape from reality that while true has that perfect touch of fantasy to keep us hooked. The guys manage to paint a picture that understands what’s needed to caress our senses and free your imagination. Plus, the visuals perfectly blend with what the sounds are doing, bringing the experience together and making it so awe-inspiring. So listen, see and dive into the adventure that awaits you inside this fantastic must-listen/must-see gem/ Enjoy!

Location: Israel

“‘Subway‘ is based on an idea that took shape during the endless public transport rides in Tel- Aviv and different cities around the world. Public transport represents the lifelines of the ever-changing cities, It is like the veins in the human body, stretching across to pump our blood and keep us alive.”

The Urban Tales

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