“Peruhu” by Bodi Bill

German electro-pop trio Bodi Bill comes to Wolf in a Suit with the captivating sonic creation that is “Peruhu”. With this playful and romantic dose of feelings and emotions, they caress our senses and pull us in with a gentle and warm touch. The melodies and lyrics flow nicely together and something about the soundscape just speaks to our imagination, transporting us to a reality only found within this fantastic track. There’s something so mesmerizing and subtle about this track that makes the experience so pure and so magical from the moment you press play.

The track is absolutely stunning and due to the fact that it was inspired from the region in Latin America I am from, it instantly became a personal favorite. So listen closely and explore the vivid and lush reality that lies within this absolute must-listen gem. Enjoy “Peruhu”!

Location: Germany

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“While writing and producing songs back then in our rehearsal space in a musty Berlin basement, I wasted countless thoughts on how great it could be to jog up and down the Andes, sweating into the mountains, seeing the jungle, and the people, the rocks and cliffs. And suddenly i was in possession of a plane ticket to Lima and completely confused. Apparently confused enough to track down the first version of this song just before i left.

I love mountains, big mountains, the Andes: Peru, Bolivia, hardly a day goes by without longing… And besides that, this is of course a romantic song, about being in love in itself, not only about being in love with nature.

Of course the song would not have become this beautiful without the drumming of Jörg Wähner (Apparat) and Tom’s tasteful Wurlitzer tones. So I am very glad that it took until now to finish it!”

Fabian Fenk of Bodi Bill

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