“wyhg” by J Appiah

UK-based uber-talented indie singer/songwriter J Appiah comes to Wolf in a Suit with the powerful and honest sonic creation that is “wyhg”. With this exquisitely human and raw blend of feelings and emotions, he gives life to a track sure to speak directly to your heart and soul from the moment you press play. Everything about this track is so mesmerizing and absolutely intoxicating making sure the soundscape is one that just pulls you in with such naturality and grace. The melodies and lyrics dance so beautifully together, making sure we feel a connection and explore the humanity that lies within it.

The track is an absolute must and really hits deep as it explores how hard it is at times to accept our ow flaws and when we are to blame. He understands that we need to in order to grow and push forward, so the track speaks to us in a way that inspires us to do so. So listen closely and explore the sweet magic of this contemporary must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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