“Famous” by Parcels

Australian indie pop-rock band Parcels comes to us with the playful awe-inspiring sonic creation that is “Famous”. With this exquisite and well-crafted blend of melodies and lyrics, the guys transport us to another world, to another reality, one that is free and so fun. There’s something about the way in which the visuals tell a story that strangely seems to go along quite nicely with what the sounds have given life to. There’s a invitation to dance, to live and to smile as the soundscape unfolds with mesmerizing beauty and charm.

So get ready and grab your best threads and polish your dancing shoes for there’s a world awaiting inside this absolute must-listen/must-see gem. Grab a hold of my hand and my dear friend get ready for there’s a door open for us to escape from world and enter the realm of Parcels. Enjoy!

Location: Australia

To listen on Spotify click HERE

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