“La Molina” by Moanday ft. Danny Schiller

Madrid is not only my favorite city but also the home of the talented duo Moanday, who come to us with “La Molina” featuring Danny Schiller to complement the vocal side. With this refreshing and absolutely exciting collaboration, they give life to not only a fantastic sonic adventure but a relatable and honest tale. The melodies and lyrics blend perfectly together, giving life to a soundscape sure to caress our senses and instantly play with our imagination as we dive into it as if pulled by an unknown force of nature. There’s something about this track that is so smooth, so fun and so mesmerizing that you just can’t help but want and need more and more of it.

Your fingers are bound to remain ready to press play over and over again for this song is an absolute must for any music lover. So listen closely and fall in love with the sweet dose of escapism found within this verses and sounds. Enjoy!

Location: Spain / USA

To listen on Spotify click HERE

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