“Monster” by UNDREAM ft. IOVA

From Sweden comes the uber-talented UNDREAM in collaboration with IOVA and together they give life to “Monster”. With this mesmerizing and vivid sonic creation, they give life to an alternative reality that is so haunting and intoxicating from start to end. The track caresses your senses and plays with your imagination making sure you are hooked and make a home out of this fantastic soundscape. The melodies and lyrics come together so perfectly making sure the experience is so vivid and so lush as you are fed with the most delicious musical ambrosia. So listen closely and explore this fantastic reality that is part of this contemporary must-listen gem and let it hook you in and play with you. Enjoy!

Location: Sweden

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“‘Monster’ is about the silent horrors of lying in bed awake and alone, something we have all faced at least one night of our lives. Those who have ever experienced sleep paralysis I’m sure can relate the most.”