“Bloodline” by Sam Tompkins

UK-based indie singer/songwriter Sam Tompkins comes to Wolf in a Suit with the heartfelt and honest sonic creation that is “Bloodline”. With this fantastic and pure showcase of feelings and emotions, he explores the reality of life and those we love that are now gone or far away. It helps to remind us that we are part of our family and those special are always with us in one way or another no matter what life hits us with. The melodies and lyrics perfectly blend with each other making sure the soundscape unfolds with such warmth and grace that we can feel it as a home of our hearts and souls. His voice understands the task at hand and manages to instantly connect with our senses and invite us into this reality he has crafted. So listen, see and explore the sweet magic that makes this a must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

Bloodline is a reminder that no matter how far our loved ones go, they are always still with us wherever we go.” 

Sam Tompkins

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