“Manchester” by CELIIN

Norwegian indie singer/songwriter CELIIN comes to Wolf in a Suit with the haunting sonic creation that is “Manchester”. With this fantastic and vivid blend of melodies and lyrics, she transports to another realm, another place in time that is so exquisite and mesmerizing. Her voice is perfection and embraces the feelings and emotions that traverse through the airwaves with such care and passion that you can’t help but crave more and more of it. There’s something about this track that allows it to feel so real, so raw and so unique as it hits the spot and pulls us in.

So listen, imagine and dive into the unknown magic that makes this track an instant must-listen gem for all who listen.

Location: Norway

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“‘Manchester’ is a song about questioning one’s behaviour, delving into the internal conflict of failing to separate what does you good from what hurts you – all wrapped in a rather.. racy metaphor. It tells the story of someone who flirts with this duality, struggling to find where their boundaries should be. After all it’s in the mirage created by these ballerina-like movements where you stop existing and start to live… right?”


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