“Dream of Mine” by Pacific

UK-based indie rock band Pacific comes to Wolf in a Suit with the cinematic sonic creation that is “Dream of Mine”. With this powerful and ethereal blend of melodies and lyrics, they invite us to explore the world that lies hidden within the verses and sounds that make this track so unique. They have crafted a passionate and exquisite escape from reality that feels so human and so otherworldly making for a truly vivid and intoxicating experience from start to end. Something about this song feels so raw, so real yet at the same time so surreal and magical, that your imagination is sure to explode freely into the unknown and become one with the airwaves that surround us all. So listen closely and let your senses go wild as this fantastic track instantly earns the title of must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

To listen on Spotify click HERE

“Dream of Mine is actually the first song we ever wrote. Years on, we revisited our very first demo and added in all that we’ve learnt since. This was where our dream started and it was always destined to be the lead single of our debut EP.”


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