“5’1” by Greta Isaac

From the UK comes the always amazing and talented Greta Isaac with her latest single, say hello to “5’1”. With this personal and powerful blend of melodies and lyrics she unites the artist and the person in a way that is quite exciting and hypnotizing from start to end. The track flows with ease, caressing our senses and showcasing such passion and raw emotion, that there’s no way we can’t feel a connection with it. Her voice explores the wide array of moments showcased in the verses with a gentle yet electrifying touch that makes this track so exciting. She continues to land must-listen gem, one after the other, making everyone who listens a fan of her ever-growing body of work. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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“5’1 is the stubborn, angry child in me that doesn’t want to compromise or empathise when she’s met with conflict. The song was a product of losing interest or drive to make a relationship work and how I tend to withdraw and go inward when a situation gets a little too big and overwhelming to manage.”

Greta Isaac

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