“I Kissed You Politely’ by Kitty Montague

From the UK comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Kitty Montague with the personal and powerful sonic creation that is “I Kissed You Politely”. With this raw and subtle yet passionate blend of melodies and lyrics, she gives life to a tale that is sadly so real and so frequent that there’s no way you can relate in one way or another. The track showcases the reality of many women around the globe and how they have been pressured to take part of uncomfortable situations that made it difficult to say no to. The soundscape flows with ease but with a firm message that is sure to heard and felt as it comes together verse after verse. So listen closely and allow this fantastic must-listen gem to connects the dots and caress your senses. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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“This is about knowing that you shouldn’t have to do anything that you’re not comfortable with, and you certainly don’t have to have a reason or a justification as to why”.

Kitty Montague

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