“Pain” by Alexander Jean

Indie pop-rock duo Alexander Jean come to us with the absolutely fantastic and mesmerizing sonic creation that is “Pain”. This track blends melodies and lyrics in a way that feels classic yet also so strangely contemporary and easy to connect with. The vocals caress our senses and showcase a wide array of feelings and emotions that make the experience so memorable and so powerful. There’s no escaping the haunting touch of this soundscape for it speaks to your heart and soul in a way that is so raw and so human.

The verses flow one after the other, exposing the fragile nature of the human condition in a way that is bittersweet yet so impossible to escape. So listen carefully and fall prey to the musical ambrosia that makes this track a must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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“We wrote this song in 20min driving home from an unproductive session filled w/ shitty ideas. It’s rare a song gives us chills, even our own songs, we’re our own worst critic, but this song is fucking special! We just need some help getting it to more ears. We’ll be promoting it across our socials, which has grown to over a million, but we can’t really afford radio campaigns or any of that other stuff right now. We hope you feel something when you listen.”

Alexander Jean

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