“Out of My Way” by Yndling

From Norway comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Yndling with the haunting sonic creation that is “Out of my way”. With this stunning and insightful blend of melodies and lyrics she gives life to a tale of love, heartbreak and understanding that we all see things differently. The soundscape showcases how we realize that the synchronicity we had hoped was there, sadly can get lost towards the end. The track embraces the harsh truth that at times two that are part of a relationship are not necessary always in sync.

This becomes more evident when things start to go sideways and one decides to keep fighting while the other comes to conclusion that is time to end things. The track is raw and powerful showcasing a wide array of feelings and emotions that are so human and so mesmerizing from start to end. She has managed to give life to a track that connects wit your own personal ups and downs while inviting your senses to break free and make her story as much hers as it is yours. Enjoy!

Location: Norway

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“It’s about that stage in a relationship where you are half in, half out, and can’t really find a way to make things work or to let go properly. In a situation like that, it’s my experience that one part will get over things first, and kind of leave the other part behind. Meeting up again, and realising that the other person has a totally different view of the situation and is totally over it, is super hard.

The title and hook of the song comes from that feeling – the feeling of having gone «out of your way» to please someone and make things work, thinking you did it together, and realising that they never put in the same effort and didn’t care as much as you did when it came down to it. That sort of thing is a real mindfuck to me, how two humans may perceive a situation so differently. It can make me feel so inferior and out of place.”


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