“I Didn’t Feel Like Dancing” by Freedom Fry

My Favorite French-American duo come back to us with some fine music, say hello to Freedom Fry and their latest single, “I didn’t feel like dancing”. With this track they give us a nice escape from reality as they combine old school and contemporary sounds to give life to an inviting and playful soundscape. The track blends melodies and lyrics in a way that is just so fun and so refreshing instantly becoming a personal favorite. Something about this song just makes you smile and invites you to the nearest dance floor as it reminds you to relax and let go of the rules for a while.

Let your imagination run wild as the track comes alive and grabs a hold of your senses and your heart pulling you closely as you sway side to side to the rhythm of this jam. So listen closely, close your eyes and fall prey to the vivid and lush touch of this stunning must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Special Side Note: Freedom Fry will be featured in a new website in the coming weeks (link to be provided once post goes live on new site)

Location: USA / France

To listen on Spotify click HERE

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