“Talk of the Town” by Allegra Jordyn

From Canada comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Allegra Jordyn with the bittersweet and honest sonic creation that is “Talk of the Town”. With this personal and refreshingly human and raw blend of melodies and lyrics she gives life to a story bound to connect with the listeners. The approach taken by the way in which the verses flow one after the other make the experience so vivid and so lush, and this is only enhanced by the visuals. The track is a must for any music lover and something about it just hits the spot and offers us a raw and personal escape from reality. So listen, see and dive into the mesmerizing and absolutely amazing musical reality that makes this track a must. Enjoy!

“I wrote it about somebody who was garnering so much attention from everybody around them, and I started to feel like my attention wouldn’t make any difference in their life if they had so much of it already.”

Allegra Jordyn

Location: Canada

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