“Fatherhood” by Euan Allison

From the UK comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Euan Allison with the stunning and beautiful sonic creation that is “Fatherhood”. With this charming and heartfelt blend of melodies and lyrics he explores the beauty and magic that lies hidden in the experience that is used as a title for the song. The track caresses our senses with a gentle and warm touch that makes it so sublime and mesmerizing from the moment we press play. Something about the soundscape just knows how to make you smile as it fills you with inspiration no matter whether you are at that point in your life or simply planning or maybe not at all but still it is just so sweet to hear.

This track has earned the title of must-listen gem instantly and it has it all to be one of those special instant classics that can be heard in special occasions. So listen closely and enjoy the ride that lies hidden within this amazing musical creation.

Location: United Kingdom

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