“(w)hole” by Sam Tompkins

Uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Sam Tompkins comes to Wolf in a Suit from the UK with the honest and insightful sonic creation “(w)hole”. With this refreshing and utterly captivating soundscape, he offers us a chance to connect with something so raw and so human that you won’t be able to stop yourself from feeling it as yours. The track blends melodies and lyrics in a quite perfect way and offers the voice the right place to shine through and caress our senses from the moment you press play. His voice takes this opportunity to showcase its fantastic range and capacity to expose the fragile nature of the human heart in a tender and warm manner.

Not only that, but the visual approach enhances the experience and makes it complete making sure we are hypnotized by this sweet and relatable escape from reality. So listen, see and enjoy the amazing must-listen vibes of this fantastic track.

Location: United Kingdom

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“I think ‘(w)hole’ is sort of a realisation of knowing that not every problem in the world can be fixed by one person. If there is meaning or purpose to this life, it has to come from being and working alongside one another.”

Sam Tompkins

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