“Accept Nature” by Odd Beholder

Swish indie singer/songwriter Daniela Weinmann AKA Odd Beholder comes to Wolf in a Suit with the visual and sonic adventure that is “Accept Nature”. With this surreal yet instantly relatable blend of melodies and lyrics, she explores the truth behind setting forth unrealistic and mostly meaningless goals at the workplace. She understands that this added pressure on us tends to bring forth anxiety that sadly nobody in the upper management group will care about. It seems harsh and quite mean to be honest but the point present is valid and once you think about it, sadly real.

We put so much pressure on ourselves pushing near breaking point and nobody else suffers this but us, so why do it at all. There’s pleasure in reaching goals and making things happen but sometimes the goals set in front of us are simply not humanly possible and would require you to practically live in your workplace. She explores this with a unique touch that allows us to connect and make this must-listen/must-see gem ours. Enjoy!

Location: Switzerland

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