“I’m sorry, are you?” by LEEPA

From Germany comes the uber-talented LEEPA with her latest single, “I’m sorry, are you?”. She explores the harsh truth behind distance and friendship with this exquisite and honest blend of melodies and lyrics. She offers us a chance to be part of a very human tale, so as she showcases how sometimes as hard as we try, distance ends up being the deal-breaker. The track is visually and sonically stunning connecting with our senses and giving room for her voice to shine through. There’s something so special and relatable within this track, that I am sure, it will be an instant fan favorite. Embrace the down-the-earth touch of this fantastic and uniquely magical must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: Germany

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“Losing friends can be more painful than losing a partner – especially when the friendship has broken down due to circumstances that are no one’s fault. Even though time passes, distance prevails and life moves on at a brisk pace, one always mourns a true friendship. One may regret something or the longing may wear one down – but some people you have to love from a distance. “


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