“Beach House ii” by HOAX

Indie Band HOAX come back to Wolf in a Suit and this they do so with the must listen gem that is “Beach House ii”. With this enticing and down to earth blend of melodies and lyrics they give life to a tale so human and so raw. The track embraces the sweet fragile nature of the human existence in a way that is easy to connect and feels so real and so personal yet managing to feel so universal. The track is absolutely amazing and everything about it just grabs a hold of you and feeds your senses with exactly what you needed to feel every single verse as the track comes together little by little. The soundscape is lush and vivid pulling us in and becoming a part of us and a reflection of our own adventure through life. So listen carefully and let this amazing track pull you through the unknown magic that makes it up. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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“This past year for me – and I would only imagine for most of us – has been a year of introspection. Being stuck inside – even if you tried to ignore it in the beginning – probably led to every one of us having a reckoning with ourselves. To me, ‘Beach House ii’ is the aftermath of one of those reckonings. The older we get, the more critical we think of our past decisions and actions. So much so that some of us can live the rest of our lives consumed in regret. This song is my reminder to not keep any of those regrets, and to realize that your short term priorities will not be the moments you think about in the future, so don’t put them before or above the important things. If there is anything this past year of magical thinking has taught me, it’s that, ‘Life changes fast; life changes in the instant’ (Joan Didion), but it’s important to hold on to the people and the things that you hold dear. Otherwise, you’ll end up a 20-something year old dripping with regret, writing a song like this.”

Michael Raj

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