“The Ordinary Place” by Kone Mara

Swedish up and coming indie band Kone Mara comes to Wolf in a Suit with their debut single, “The Ordinary Place”. With this refreshing and haunting soundscape they give life to a track so unique and so exciting to hear. Something about it just caresses your senses and instantly transports you an otherworldly realm that invites you to be free. The melodies and lyrics blend so beautifully together giving life to a truly mesmerizing sonic experience bound to serve as a gateway into their soon to be one of a kind body of work. So listen, connect and let the mix of nostalgia, romanticism and unknown magic that makes this must-listen gem become part of you. Enjoy!

Location: Sweden

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”We met at a breakfast table, and in the early morning hours, a friendship arose. We shared secrets and wrote music inspired by our stories. Coffee, poems, dreams and wishes.”

Kone Mara

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