“Love Come Around” by Elina

From Sweden comes the incredibly talented Elina and with her comes the inspiring sonic creation that is “Love Come Around”. With this down-to-earth and honest blend of melodies and lyrics she connects with the listeners in a way that is quite refreshing and so beautifully human. The verses traverse the airwaves and caress our senses with a warm touch that is quite soothing and reminds us that we can keep pushing on and that somebody out there cares. The soundscape understand that difficulties are part of the journey but we all have a fire that aims to burn as bright as possible as it whispers in our ear that we can do it all. So listen carefully and open your eyes for inspiration and motivation awaits us all within this amazing must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

Location: Sweden

“Since the pandemic broke out, a lot of thoughts have come to me and it has felt more important than ever to stop our constant chasing and reflect on what is actually valuable to us as individuals. I wanted to dedicate something to all the people who get up in the morning and fight on, despite the injustices, difficulties, challenges and inner fights we have to face. I hope it can help someone feel a little less alone in this chaotic world”


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