“Moss” by Calm Canopy

Canadian indie singer/songwriter Mike Papaloni AKA Calm Canopy comes to with the inspiring and captivating sonic creation that is “Moss”. With this refreshingly honest and lush blend of melodies and lyrics he gives life to a tale that is utterly relatable and so real. He paints a picture that while personal manages to find the perfect connection not only with our senses but also with our own experiences. The track is quite well-crafted as well making sure the instruments collide with each other in a way that does not give birth to chaos but instead to a sweet dose of magic. The soundscape is definitely a must for any music lover and it is sure to give your imagination a welcomed shockwave to wake it up. Enjoy!

Location: Canada

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“Moss was one of those songs that poured out over the span of twenty minutes via a sudden rush of inspiration, and then was recorded on the same day. During our time spent living on Vancouver Island, my girlfriend was visiting home in Toronto for a week but I decided to stay back and write. I was alone on the other side of the country in the middle of the pandemic and had absolutely nobody I knew there (we moved there during the pandemic, so naturally we had zero friends). Just me, my instruments, and two cats. I quickly realized how uncomfortable it was to spend time in complete solitude without the distraction of the internet or some other digital convenience of the modern world. I wrote and recorded Moss on the second day of that week, and spent the rest of the week trying to meditate and appreciate the solitude rather than distract myself from it.”

Mike Papaloni AKA Calm Canopy

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