“Rockstar” by Erik Jonasson

Swedish indie singer/songwriter Erik Jonasson comes back to Wolf in a Suit with the bittersweet and honest sonic creation that is “Rockstar”. With this refreshing and vivid blend of melodies, he explores his dreams (and that of most) of becoming the epitome and perfect example of what always meant to be a rockstar. The track understands that all the crazy we saw on tv or read on the news about these larger-than-life musicians to whom rules meant nothing is no longer a possibility. But it does invite us to redefine what these dreams were and transform them into something amazing and more in sync with the times. It also reminds us that we all have dreams and whether they happen or not, we have a right to them for they motivate and push us forward. So listen, smile, and explore the sweet escape offered by this must-listen gem. Enjoy!

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“There is a grief within me to never had the chance to throw a television out the window, never to become what my teenage idols was to me. A grief never to become a rockstar. This is not only a song for you with dreams of being a rockstar. This is a song for you with DREAMS, no matter if you have given up on them or still clinging to them with all your life.”

Erik Jonasson

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