“Tu y Yo” by Valley Latini

The uber-talented US-based indie singer/songwriter Valley Latini comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with a vivid and surreal sonic gem in “Tu y Yo”. With this refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics, she transports to a world where English and Spanish caress each other beautifully giving life to a tale of passion, connection, and the magic of one night. The track is not meant to be your typical love story, for it understands it will all take place in just one night, one moment of sweet unknown magic. But this one night, this one moment, will be one to remember forever, it will be ingrained within your mind and your body making sure you never forget. Her voice perfectly hypnotizes us and gives our senses a much-needed dose of escapism. So listen, see and enjoy the ride that awaits within this must-listen/must-see gem.

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“The song is inspired by an encounter that only happens in a place like a strip club or a dance club. It’s about having a connection with someone but not talking to them the whole night. Just a very primal connection through dancing, and spirit vibration.”

Valley Latini

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