“Leave a light on” by Keir ft. Fenne Lily

UK-based indie singer/songwriter Keir joins forces with his best friend, the uber-talented Fenne Lily and together they give life to “Leave a light on”. With this honest and refreshingly soothing blend of melodies and lyrics, they pull us into a reality that is quite endearing and welcoming. The track is beautiful in the way the verses come together one after the other caressing our senses and speaking to our hearts and souls in a way that is easy to grasp and instantly connect with. There’s a unique blend of melancholy and hope dwelling within this soundscape that makes it so mesmerizing and so raw that you can’t truly understand what’s happening in the story that’s unfolding within this must listen gem. So listen carefully and keep your eyes open for this track is sure to become an instant fan favorite (It’s already one of mine). Enjoy!

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“Fenne was really there for me. Even though we couldn’t see each other in person, she helped me feel like a human again. Because if everything that happened the song and the video are really close to my heart. To have my best friend in the world be part of it all, is so goddamn cool.”


“To lend my shoulder – and my voice – to my favourite person is a true joy” 

Fenne Lily

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