“Time comes in roses” by Bess Atwell

UK based indie singer/songwriter Bess Atwell invites us into her world with the personal and insightful sonic gem that is “Time comes in roses”. With this refreshingly honest blend of melodies and lyrics Bess has a much needed conversation with herself and allows us to be able to part of it in a small way. I feel honored that such a personal and down to earth track exists and that I am allowed to be on the outside looking in. There’s no room for judgement for the way she gives life to this mesmerizing and captivating soundscape is so human and invites us to have a conversation with ourselves and learn from where we are at, where we have been and where we want to go. There’s something about this track that not only makes for a must listen gem but also for a reminder that there will be times in which we need to press pause and wonder if life needs more from or I need more from life. Enjoy!

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“I spent the first lockdown living back with my parents. I was privileged to be in the countryside with access to a garden, but it was also very challenging as someone who has a complicated relationship with their family. I kept to myself as much as possible, in the garden and out walking. As someone who has previously avoided self-sufficiency it was a time of personal growth and learning how to deal with my anxiety alone.

As the weather started to shift into summer, I remember being struck by how defiantly the seasons ignored the disruption of the pandemic. It felt like summer hadn’t been told it was now uninvited, and I found its arrival comforting and sad all at once.

It feels disingenuous to say that I didn’t think anyone would ever hear this song, but I made a conscious decision to write it just for me, ignoring my usual rules around what is “too self-indulgent” or honest. It’s a reflection on quite an ugly side of me, which is liberating. It feels like the most vulnerable, and yet exciting, release of my career so far.

I wanted to film a sparse live performance of the song, rather than a music video. It’s a unique stream of consciousness that I felt lends itself to a performance, rather than trying to contextualise it visually. I didn’t realise that it was quite so important to me to keep the performance very personal until my guitarist offered to sing backing vocals and I instantly declined!”

Bess Atwell

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