“Switch Places” by LEEPA

German indie singer/songwriter LEEPA delivers the perfect track for the modern masses with her insightful and inspiring sonic/visual gem that is “Switch Places”. With this refreshingly down to earth and powerful blend of melodies and lyrics she speaks her truth and invites us to simply listen, see and learn that the world is sadly not black and white and so simple as many seem to think. Men and women lead a different life in most places and society has given certain benefits to one side above the other that many turn a blind eye to or even turn it into a chance to blame the other side (typically the male side likes to fall on this never-ending loop that generates nothing good). The track is not here full of anger and hate but simply invites you to try to see the other side with a message that is so powerful and so true (and can even be brought into the conversation about race as the lesson is there, you just have to be willing to learn). So listen, see and embrace the mesmerizing and honest magic of this must-listen / must-see gem. Enjoy!

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Sexism, like all kinds of oppression, is unacceptable, we all know that. Yet it remains. It remains because the oppressors (whether consciously or unconsciously) see no reason to change anything. As we all realize in the racism debate, it can be very difficult to admit being part of a system that draws its impetus from the oppression and exploitation of ‘minorities’. While it is very unfortunate and frustrating to still have to fight for equality and representation, we will not give upCommunication, in my opinion, is still the most important tool of such debates. That’s why I wrote a song about it, and I want to inspire all genders and ages to stand strong – to be strong.


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