“Strangers” by Andreas Vey

German indie pop singer/songwriter Andreas Vey opens up his heart and souls and embraces the fragile nature of the human condition with “Strangers”. With this refreshing and honest blend of melodies and lyrics he explores what dwells inside him and does paint a picture of a fairytale but instead feeds up with an emotion-filled poem bound to reflect on what it means to be human. He understands that we are selfish and petty at times and sometimes we do things for our own pleasure without really knowing the reason why. It’s a captivating and instantly hypnotizing story that is sure to hit more than a few chords as it sets itself as a must-listen / must-see gem. Enjoy!

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“We often manipulate each other in order to feel better about ourselves. Try to see us in the eyes of others in love. The song tells of this exact state, in which I needed the affection, love, the body of another person to endure myself, so as not to be alone with myself. I needed the dopamine high of passion to feel better without really being interested in the other person. I acted like that and was treated the same way at the same time and asked myself: Why? Does it make me happy? Is it a free choice of me to act like this or am I just desperately trying to exaggerate the inner emptiness? It kept me busy so I wrote Strangers.”

Andreas Vey

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