“Too Blue” by Mountain Bird

Uber-talented Swedish indie singer/songwriter Mountain Bird opens up his heart and soul and delivers the honest sonic gem that is “Too Blue”. With this refreshing exploration of the matters of the heart and the mind, he makes himself vulnerable through his lyrics inviting us in. The soundscape flows with ease caressing us in a way that allows us to drop our guards and simply realize that we all have our own set of ups and downs and while our struggles are not the same, it does not make them childish and without importance. He accepts his reality and understands his own blessings but also knows that there are times in which the problems get to him and he just needs to feel safe and at peace (just like we all do from time to time). So listen carefully and now that within this must listen gem lies a place for you to feel at ease and understood. Enjoy!

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“‘Too Blue’ is about being vulnerable. What I noticed growing up, and growing forward from 22 to 27, is the power in people being vulnerable together. I know I can help people by talking about depression so that’s my driver in terms of doing all of this! I really love it when my music prompts my fans to open up about their problems too.” 

Mountain Bird

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Solo Artist

Artist: Mountain Bird

Genre: Indie Pop

Location: Sweden

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