“Beautiful Crimes” by Boy Destroy

Uber-talented Swedish indie singer/songwriter Boy Destroy comes to us once more with the introspective and honest sonic creation that is “Beautiful Crimes“. With this enticing and intoxicating blend of melodies and lyrics, he looks back at a relationship that is now gone but served as a lesson to grow up. In this romantic experience, he accepts he was not the best and knows that hate from the other side is sadly part of the draw after all he gave. He does not sugarcoat the verses and instead makes sure the soundscape is as raw and human as possible making sure we pulled instantly into what dwells inside it. So listen carefully and connect the dots for there is something waiting for all. Enjoy!

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“Everybody longs for connection. Togetherness. A need that can be fulfilled with flesh or love or peace or whatever. I used to be in a twisted relationship with a person that I didn’t really love, but I said I did. I wasn’t a very good person to her but I made it look like I was. I wasn’t faithful and I felt like the devil, but then and there it felt like it was exactly how it should be. She hates me now, and I deserve it. You can fix yourself if you’re lucky.”

Boy Destroy

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Solo Artist

Artist: Boy Destroy

Genre: Indie Rock

Location: Sweden

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