“Break with me” by SHY Martin

Swedish indie singer/songwriter SHY Martin continues to amaze and captivate listeners across the world and this time she does with so with “Break with me”. With this refreshingly honest and human blend of melodies and lyrics she opens up her heart and soul and tells a story that is so real and so raw. The tale instantly comes alive and pulls us gently breaking our hearts slowly while still reminding us that life has not ended and that this adventure is not over. She craves just like we all have at one point to hold hands one more time before we have to say goodbye and finally make the hard call to walk away and move forward. The track is utterly hypnotizing and something about it has that charm and magic to connect with any type of relationship and to the final moments of all of them. So listen, imagine and let this must listen gem make you feel at home as the verses come together one after the other giving life to something so personal and yet so universal. Enjoy!

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 “This year has been overwhelming in many ways. For the first time in years, I have spent a lot of time with myself and taken the space to reflect. I have thought a lot about how these strange times we are in have changed so many relationships, some that have become stronger, and others that have broken down. We started writing “Break With Me” one summer evening in the car on the way home from a lake, but I relate to it now more than ever. During the year, I also thought about how I want to work with my music and chose to start my own record label to have full freedom every step of the way. This is the first song I will release on my own label, so it feels very special.”

SHY Martin

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