“Taste the dirt” by Katie O’Malley

The past and the present come together giving life to the refreshing and nostalgic sound of “Taste the dirt” by Katie O’Malley. With this utterly captivating and hypnotizing blend of melodies and lyrics, she paints a picture that is so passionate, so raw and so rebellious yet down to earth. The track flows with ease through the airwaves grabbing a hold of our senses and pulling us into an unknown yet strangely familiar realm. There’s something about the soundscape that sets your heart on fire as it reminds you that no matter how many times you fall to the ground, you should have the drive to get back up and push on. Life is not about rainbows and butterflies and dreams coming true out of thin air, you have to put yourself into the mix and really give it your all to make things happen. Listen carefully and realize that you got the fire in your to stay true and stay passionate as you get back up and keep on going with a goal set in mind. Enjoy!

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