“Devil” by Alex Runo

Swedish up and coming indie singer/songwriter Alex Runo comes to us with the mesmerizing and passionate sonic gem that is “Devil”. With this powerful and in your face approach to music and life, he comes with the most hypnotizing rebel yell and you just know he is here to stay. The track grabs a hold of you and with a firm grasp feeds your senses with a blend of melodies and lyrics that is both modern and old school while feeling so uniquely enticing from the moment you press play. There’s something about this sonic escapade that pulls you over and over and whispers softly but with a fiery touch.. “press play again…I am not done with you”. So hold my hand and let us dive into the unknown magic of this wonderfully fierce and honest must listen gem. Enjoy!

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“Devil” means a lot to me. It’s my raw, naked testament about giving in but not giving up. I live and breathe music, always have. I write music that I hope makes you feel something, whatever that feeling might be. The element of surprise is also an important part of my music. I’m not comfortable in the middle of the road… 

I was brought up with the (in my opinion) greatest singers, songwriters and musicians in the world. Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye and Otis Redding are a few of the artists from whom I draw my inspiration. “

Alex Runo

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