“Thrive” by Greya

Up and coming U.S. based indie singer/songwriter Greya comes to us with the intoxicating and hypnotizing sonic gem that is “Thrive”. With this refreshing and down to earth blend of melodies and lyrics she explores the bittersweet nature of love in a way that is human and instantly relatable making for a truly welcome change within what has been showcased in the various stories told within the music industry. The soundscape flows with ease and sets up the right blend of instruments for the vocals and verses to unfold and caress our senses making sure we are pulled into this reality that can end up feeling as much hers and it can be ours. So listen, see and explore this enticing union of visuals and sounds that make this a must for any music lover. Enjoy!

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“She is an immense talent. And the video came as a great artistic opportunity and challenge. Start to finish, through pre-production and final edit, we spent three days on the project. It was improvisational and emotional. Greya has undeniable chemistry with the camera; she has a way of performing with such honesty and sincerity, almost begging you to feel the things her character is feeling. It was a phenomenal experience getting to make a little bit of magic with her.”

Hannah Hall – Director of the Music Video for “Thrive”

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