“Call Me Anytime” by Sports

From the USA comes the indie pop-rock band Sports with another fine showcase of melodies and lyrics with their latest single, “Call Me Anytime”. With this track, they give life to a surreal and intoxicating tale that will instantly grab a hold of you and pull you into a realm that feels both out of this world and so down to earth. The strange duality found within this soundscape is quite refreshing and much welcomed as it invites our senses to play and be connected with something special made of the most mesmerizing “it” factor. The song feels both contemporary and classic as it gives us a chance to let loose and give our imagination free rein to embrace the sweet dose of magic found within it. So listen carefully and let this must listen gem guide you into the unknown. Enjoy!

“This song came from a jam we did back when we were writing for Everyone’s Invited. It’s a completely different idea now than it was then. Then, it was just these stabby chords and me singing ‘you can call me anytime’ over a bunch of noise. Now it’s much more finessed rock ‘n’ roll, which I love. I re-demoed it a year later with Pink Floyd in the brain, then we just re-tracked everything. I recorded a lot of the yells with the lights off. I was standing on a chair most of the time. It was just so fun to make this song. I love the repetitive mantra. It’s me saying goodbye to someone. One of my favorite Sports songs ever.”

Cale Chronister
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“The guitar solo that happens at the end of the song was something our producer Chad Copelin started playing around with toward the end of the day. I think we kept most of his messing around first take. He bends up to a ‘wrong’ note that I just can’t get enough of.”

Christian Theriot

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