“Ease your mind” by More Ease

From the Netherlands comes an interesting musical proposal courtesy of More Ease and his latest sonic gem, “Ease your mind”. With this exquisite blend of melodies and lyrics, this refreshing and charming indie singer/songwriter gives life to a mix of pop and hip hop that is sure to grab a hold of your senses and pull you in. The soundscape flows with ease through the airwaves giving life to a realm bound to feed you with the most amazing musical ambrosia as it gives way for a relaxing and hypnotizing experience. So listen, see and dive into this one of a kind creation that has earned the label of must listen/must-see. Enjoy!

“Over the last year, I’ve probably made music every single day in my bedroom studio together with my roommate/producer Kodarojo. After experimenting with a lot of different sounds and styles, I think I’ve finally found my sound. I selected my favorite 6 tracks bundled them as my debut EP Ease your mind. I tried to make the EP as personal as possible, highlighting the highs as well as the lows in my daily life. The Ease Your Mind EP reflects my way of living, and gives the listener an exclusive insight into my uncensored thoughts and honest emotions.”

More Ease

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