“San Francisco” by Honestly

From the U.S. comes the indie-pop band Honestly with the bittersweet and lush soundscape of the sonic gem that is “San Francisco”. With exquisite and down-to-earth melodies and lyrics, the guys give life to a musical realm bound to fill you with sadness, excitement, and a wide array of feelings and emotions that make for a welcomed experience. The track comes alive and tells a story that will surely hit a nerve as it speaks from their hearts and souls directly to ours making sure our imaginations can paint a picture instantly. There’s something special and magical about the song that gives the pop genre an extra dose of that unknown touch that makes the track hit just right. So listen, image, and embrace the must listen reality of this track. Enjoy!

This song was the moment we knew that this project should be taken more seriously, and that we had something very special. This song perfectly exemplifies the feelings of nostalgia, infatuation, and excitement consistent with summertime.”

Eric Canto of Honestly

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