“Pieces” by Des Rocs

New York-based indie rocker Des Rocs continues to show the world why he is one of the most electrifying and exciting artists out there and he does so with the sonic gem that is “Pieces”. With this exquisite and perfectly crafted blend of melodies and lyrics, the talented young artist gives life to a modern day musical masterpiece bound to not only become a fan favorite but an instant classic. The track is perfection from beginning to end and there’s something about the way the verses come together one after the other that will grab a hold of you and pull you into an unknown yet necessary reality. The sonic adventure that comes alive in front from the moment you press play is so lush and so hypnotizing that you can’t help but be thankful that such an outer-worldly talent exists. So listen, smile, and enjoy the sweet ride that is this amazing must listen gem.

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