“Never Know” by Sports

With this exquisite and haunting blend of melodies and lyrics that is “Never Know”, the uber-talented duo Sports come to Wolf in a Suit for the first time. The track is a unique union of pop and rock that gives your senses the right serving of that sweet musical ambrosia that we all crave. There’s something about the soundscape that instantly catches you off-guard and pulls you into a world that is unlike anything else yet manages to feel so personal and so raw. We can dive into this escape from our current reality with nothing holding us back and simply embrace the sweet touch of this amazing track. Enjoy!

“‘Never Know” is a good follow up to ‘Baby Baby’ because it has some of the same energy, but it’s shifted into a feeling of hopelessness and desperation. In the bridge it even sorta references the lyrics in ‘Baby Baby.’ That wasn’t necessarily intentional, but I do remember I wrote both of them in the same week, so it makes sense that the lyrics would have a similar tone. Must’ve been a rough week.” 

Cale Chronister of Sports

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