“Sabotage” by JAWNY

Indie singer/songwriter Jacob Sullenger AKA JAWNY gives us a refreshing take on the end of a relationship with the playful and rebellious sonic gem that is “Sabotage”. With this refreshing soundscape, he gives life to a musical reality that embraces the fact that he messed up and that the relationship ended because of him and nobody else. The track paints a picture that takes a few steps away from what is typically heard as he accepts the fact that he might be young and stupid and this was meant to happen. It’s not an attack on himself but a very honest acceptance of something few of us really do when young and searching for love. The visuals manage to perfectly connect with the lyrics and melodies making the experience even more rebellious and so much fun. So listen, see and dive into this realm he has crafted with talent, passion, and a little bit of attitude. Enjoy!

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