“Crying Wolf” by Leo Forest ft. Jaki Nelson

Indie singer/songwriter Leo Forest partners up with the uber-talented Jaki Nelson to give us the sweet pleasure of exploring the honest reality of “Crying Wolf”. With this down to earth and intoxicating blend of melodies and lyrics, they give life to a story so real that you probably have lived it or at least seen it. The soundscape flows with ease while giving pop a much-needed dose of humanity and raw yet needed storytelling because the track does not sugarcoat things but instead goes at them head-on. The melodies are quite inviting and capture your attention while your senses are able to visualize what lies within the track as both voices share the task of giving life to this story. There’s something so unique and welcoming while still being firm in what it’s about that you can’t help but be in awe of what the song has to offer us. They go beyond the music and connect with us on a human level that is rarely felt nowadays. So listen, see and escape from your reality into theirs. Enjoy!

Leo Forest and Wolf in a Suit have collaborated to raise money for substance abuse charity Musicares.

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“Crying Wolf is about how easy it is to fall back into a negative situation when it feels good in the moment. At a certain point, those choices started taking a toll on my friends, and I felt like I was becoming the one crying wolf, so to speak.” – Leo Forest

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