“Don’t Go” by Isabela Merced ft. Danna Paola

Peruvian-American singer/songwriter Isabela Merced joins forces with Mexican powerhouse Danna Paola to give us the hypnotizing and intoxicating sonic gem that is “Don’t Go”. With this exciting and electric blend of visuals and sounds, they give life to a soundscape bound to pull you instantly. The track is in your face, raw and full of that unique flavor that is always bound to pick you up and invite you to dance that can be found in Latin American music. So listen carefully, smile, and know that these two talented artists are not to be messed with because they got the fire capable of burning you up if you mess with them. Come with me as they give life to a blend of verses and melodies that will surely paint a picture that will connect with more than a few. Enjoy!

“Being a young Latinx, I always want to find a way to merge the old with the new. Lyrically, it’s about a bit of a chase in a relationship. I don’t know where this guy’s feelings are, but in the video, you get clarity for what’s really going on…and it all make sense. There is pride in the lyrics about being a Latina, Danna, Mexicana, and, me, Peruana! We wanted to find the right feature for it and finally did. It had to be a Latin artist who could SING—a female powerhouse. So, Danna joined us, and I couldn’t be happier.” – Isabela Merced

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