“Hey Love” by Filous ft. The Kooks

Austrian producer Filous joins forces with the mythical British band The Kooks (my favorite band) to give us the soothing and hypnotizing sonic experience that is “Hey Love”. With this surprising and fantastic collaboration both parts embrace each other’s talent in a way that makes the song flow with ease and really captivate the listeners. The soundscape gives our senses a much needed and welcomed blend of melodies and lyrics that speaks to the heart in a way that is so warm and so down to earth. The track is a hit from beginning to end and there’s something about the way the verses come together that truly paints a picture that will instantly connect with our imagination. The visual approach while different manages to perfectly complement the soundscape ensuring this collaboration be labeled as pure genius. So listen, see and enjoy the adventure that awaits once you press play. Enjoy!

“It’s not everyday that you get to work with a band that inspired a whole generation. Getting the opportunity to make music with The Kooks is something I am very grateful for. From writing the song to working on the production with them, I really got to witness their genius intuition, that is so prevalent in their music, first hand. When it came to producing the song, I wanted it to end up sounding like a logical evolution from their own releases, while giving it a new spin. The idea was to give their English sound a Viennese touch. Distortion meets cleanliness. Guitars meet Violins. The Kooks meet Filous.” – Filous

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