“Call Me?” by Lil Late

Indie singer/songwriter Lil Late comes to us with the incredibly catchy and honest sonic escape that is “Call Me?”. With this well-crafted and charming soundscape, the young up-and-coming artist gives life to a story that while personal to him manages to feel so ours along the way. The verses and sounds come together to pull us into a world made up of the rawest and most human emotions as our hearts and souls wake up and our bodies sway from side to side as this track comes alive. There’s something special here and there’s no denying that he has that “it” touch that few truly have for this song is just a small treat for what’s to come down the road. He gives us love, heartache, toxic vibes, and the question of should I try again or simply move on. Enjoy!

“Being honest about how you feel is hard and that’s what ‘Call Me?’ is really based on. The lyrics were inspired by a pretty common, albeit toxic situation where you want the person who hurt you, back in your life even though you know better.” – Lil Late

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