“Wake Up” by Fanny Andersen

Norwegian indie singer/songwriter Fanny Andersen comes to us with the empowering and inspiring musical gem that is “Wake Up”. With this refreshing union of sounds and visuals she aims to remind us that we all have something that is hard to talk about and that we should not feel ashamed of it. Our stories and our lives are all our own and how they shape us differs between every single human being in this big blue world. There are millions of stories waiting to be told and they all connect with each other in one way or another while also staying personal and true to the individual. So listen closely and don’t push yourself down because we all have walls to break down, just that some have a better way of hiding them. Enjoy!

“This is one of the most honest songs I’ve ever written. It’s about things that I have a hard time talking about, but I’m so proud of the way it sounds and the meaning behind it” – Fanny Andersen

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