“So Bad” by Joe & The Anchor

Swedish indie pop band Joe & The Anchor come to us with a much needed dose of motivation in the shape and form of “So bad”. With this playful and refreshing pop creation they blend melodies and lyrics to give our senses a much needed wake up call. The track aims to remind us that there are always going to be moments in which we just want to stop everything and not do anything but remembering the reasons why we do it all is where the gold can really be found. It understands how fragile and weak we can be but also knows how strong and passionate we can be when our hopes and dreams are at stake. It’s an amazing soundscape that is sure to hook you and fill you with intoxicating and mesmerizing feels that will serve to push you forward into the unknown. Enjoy!

“So Bad works as our own motivational song, it makes us remember why we do what we do. Setbacks are something everyone can relate to and the song’s message is about fighting past it. Because in the end, the journey is always worth it” – Joe & The Anchor

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